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Let’s talk Thai assisted yoga….derived from the practice and lineage of Thai massage.

A Thai assisted yoga session starts with a conversation about how the client is feeling (emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically) then a moment to lay down, fully clothed and guided to relax on a comfy mat.

The recipient is guided to listen and feel their breath to help calm the body. Then the magic of this work does the rest….the body is taken through a series of restorative yogic stretches, combining acupressure, rhythmic movements, and it feels as though the body goes through a meditative dance to rejuvenate, circulate, and heal.

Elemental roots utilizes the practices of smudging after session as well as bathing the cells with the vibrations from a gong! If you are curious reach out and book a session. I believe healing starts with feeling support and a session of Thai can allow us to feel held in many ways.


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