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yin: (jɪn) Also Yin, Yn. [Chinese yīn shade, feminine; the moon.]

a. In Chinese philosophy, the feminine or negative principle (characterized by earth, dark, introspection, passivity, disintegration, etc.) of the two opposing cosmic forces into which creative energy divides and whose fusion in physical matter brings the phenomenal world into being. Also attrib. or as adj., Compare: yang.

House of Yin is a collective of independent wellness practitioners with specialities in massage, movement, and mental health. The space serves as a haven of respite to our clients who wish to tend to their inner worlds (see: Yin). Whether you’re currently hurting and in pain, or hoping to find a practitioner to continue to support you on your path, you are welcome here with us.

We work together to support the varying needs of our community.

Having different, but complimentary practices stitched together provides opportunity for our clients to comfortably explore different modalities of therapy, giving them more tools to use on their journeys of integration. This style of collaborative autonomy in a work environment is a reflection of our vision for the world; we each have our own inherent gifts… if we can work together and honor one another’s strengths while not focusing on internal competition, we form a more versatile, co-hesive tapestry. 

Our building is nestled among the oak trees off Northwest 6th street in Gainesville, Florida; a location endearingly called ‘Acupuncture Alley’ for its multitude of practitioners of the healing arts found there.  Read more about our work, and us as practitioners in the bios section.  

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