yin (jɪn) Also Yin, Yn. [Chinese yīn shade, feminine; the moon.]

a. In Chinese philosophy, the feminine or negative principle (characterized by dark, introspection, passivity, disintegration, etc.) of the two opposing cosmic forces into which creative energy divides and whose fusion in physical matter brings the phenomenal world into being. Also attrib. or as adj., Compare: yang.


House of Yin serves as a collaborative hub for some of Gainesville, Florida’s finest practitioners of the healing arts. Our building is nestled in between oak trees off Northwest 6th street, a location endearingly called ‘Acupuncture Alley’.  There are currently 6 individuals holding space for their practices at House of Yin. You can learn more about them, their work, and their rates in the Bios section in the above tab.  The House is also available to independent practitioners to hold Sunday workshops on the topics of wellness, functional movement, and spirituality, and can be open to the public.

Having different, but complimentary practices gathered together lends to the collaborative feel of this wellness center. Clients are encouraged to experience the variety of work that is available at House of Yin, giving them more tools to use on their journey toward health and wholeness.




“Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain, but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon.”
– Ikkyu


Our services include:

Yoga sessions
Pilates mat and reformer sessions
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons
Assisted Thai yoga sessions
Sacred Cacao ceremonies
Meditation and sound healing

**All services scheduled by appointment**

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