Jackie Reynolds

Owner | Licensed Massage Therapist | Yoga Teacher

Since receiving her licensure from the Florida School of Massage, Jackie’s focused practice resides in the hands-on art of massage and bodywork.  In her experience she has found that when the human form is able to move fluidly within the skin and tissue, freedom echoes through all walks of life. She experiences human touch as a powerful tool to reclaim the expansiveness we all have a chance at. Strength and structure are equally as important to a body, and her yoga teacher certification, expertly taught by Melissa Montilla, has laid solid groundwork for supporting her client’s movement practices as well. 

Prior to opening her massage and yoga practices at House of Yin, Jackie spent nine years providing manual therapy and medical massage to patients at ReQuest Physical Therapy, working alongside specialists to aid in the pain relief and rehabilitation of clients with injuries, various pathologies, and/or chronic pain. Through her work here, Jackie gained thorough experience treating a vast range of acute and chronic injuries, general pain affecting the joints, post-operation, and pregnant women. She has also spent joyful, illuminating, years of her life working in the special needs community, providing in-home respite care, and within behavior analysis support systems. 

These days Jackie experiments with the use of herbal remedy, essential oil and aromatherapy, acupuncture, and conscious interaction with nature and her seasons as avenues for deepening her understanding of the human experience. She is currently enrolled in an aromatherapist certification course through Aromahead Institue to deepen her knowledge of aromatherapy as medicine and further serve her clients.


Diana Barquet

Licensed Massage Therapist | Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Come exactly as you are. Rest your mind body and spirit. 

Hi, I’m Diana (or Dee). I am a Licensed massage therapist passionate about creating a healthier Gainesville by facilitating self care and providing a place of deep rest and relaxation for the people of our community. 

My background before massage was in classical music and martial arts. Much like these arts, I believe true healing through massage requires dynamic techniques ranging from subtle to intense. Within my sessions you will find an entire orchestra of techniques personalized for each individual. Whether I am delicately placing a dab of rose water on your temples, or using Ashiatsu techniques to place my entire body weight on a stubborn glute muscle, presence and intention are at the heart of my work. Together we will engage your whole body and being in deep levels of relaxation to bring about authentic and lasting healing. 

All too often I see people living in constant patterns of tension and pain, giving from an empty cup and ultimately ending in burnout. 

Put your oxygen mask on first. Take a little time for yourself and enjoy deep rest for your mind, body and spirit. You deserve abundance. You deserve a massage. 

“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity” 
-Pema Chödrön 

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Kaleigh Eadens

Licensed Massage Therapist | Pilates Instructor

Kaleigh’s career in movement and bodywork began when she immersed herself in a Pilates instructor training program at Evolve Pilates & Fitness here in Gainesville. Teaching Pilates brings her much joy, but watching her mentors use structural integration techniques alongside movement inspired her to enroll at Florida School of Massage so she could integrate bodywork into her approach. She graduated from FSM in 2015 and opened her own office in downtown Gainesville for providing massage therapy on days she wasn’t working at Evolve. Shortly after becoming a licensed therapist, Kaleigh completed an internship at University Sports Massage where she learned top-notch sports massage techniques for working with athletes. She continues to work and travel with UF athletes through University Sports Massage.

In addition to athletes, Kaleigh loves working with clients living in chronic pain— her measuring stick for helping solve this pain puzzle is posture and her most valuable tool in changing posture is her client’s own nervous system. She strongly believes that our bodies are brilliant, designed to last, and equipped with everything they need to recover and heal from most types of pain. Her intention is to arm her clients with knowledge by teaching them how their bodies are designed to move. This gentle but empowering process tends to demystify pain which is the key to eliminating it. In Kaleigh’s approach, massage is simply a helpful tool for quickly addressing soft tissue restrictions impacting joint biomechanics and strengthening the connection between the myofascial system and the nervous system. Getting moving is really where the work happens for treating pain. Get in touch with her here to schedule your next session!

Elaina Ziesche

Licensed Massage Therapist | Yoga Instructor | Thai Massage Practitioner | Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

Elaina began her studies in yoga and meditation at age 18 with Juliana Trejo Bossano in Coral Springs, Fl, completing a 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training. She is now RYT 500, E-RYT 200, RPYT through the Yoga Alliance. Elaina’s yoga and meditation studies are rooted in Hatha, Kundalini, and Mystical yoga philosophies with a deep emphasis on Thai yoga assists. She completed a 108 hour Thai Massage certification through the Bodhi Sangha School of Thai Massage here in Gainesville, Fl in 2016. In May 2016, Elaina studied with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC and completed a Kundalini Prenatal yoga teacher training. In December 2017, Elaina completed a 300 hour Mystical Yoga teacher training on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala through School Yoga Institute with in depth focus on the Andean medicine wheel and shamanic practices. Elaina’s yoga, meditation, and thai massage studies guided her to continue learning more about the art of bodywork. In November 2019, Elaina graduated the Florida School of Massage with studies in Massage Therapy & Hydrotherapy. Elaina believes in the support and integration of her work in different, yet complimentary practices. She provides a space for clients to ask for what the need with the encouragement of breath and energy to explore.

Elaina was introduced to the medicinal plant cacao in 2015 attending a meditation at a friend’s home. Continuing to sip and experience the healing properties of this warm drink led Elaina to taking a Cacaoga guide training with Liz Getman in June 2016. Elaina has traveled to Lake Atitlán, Guatemala and attended private and public cacao ceremonies led by local shamans. Elaina traveled to BFREE Reserve in Belize to further study the plant. Elaina believes in a regular practice of preparing, sipping, and meditating with ceremonial cacao.

Cacao is heart medicine, meeting us where we are and facilitating healing and nourishment. Elaina has found a deeper connection with sensitivity and emotions, trust in her voice and writings, and a grounded sense of being through studying and working with this sacred plant.

Elaina is a mystic mama. She gave birth to her son at home in December 2020. This new role in her life has given her a depth and fullness to her days. A way to experience life sweetly and slowly. She aims to nurture and mother herself, family, work and allows for a deep reverence for the feminine power. She loves working with those who are pregnant, postpartum, and healing from any traumas of the womb. She believes support, trust, and comfort are important during transitional times. She recognizes the relationship in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. She has worked with clients through heavier energies and emotions like grief, depression, and anxiety.

Elaina is elated to be apart of the awe-inspiring space and home of House of Yin. Her intention is to create a practice implementing her range of knowledge in different healing modalities and connecting with others to find comfort, support, and trust in where they are. Presence is the most important aspect of this journey.

Elaina believes there is much to observe, give, and receive from each other and this beautiful land of Mama Earth we are apart of. These practices have allowed her more space for learning and understanding this wild human existence. She loves being able to share these tools with others.

Kara Smith

Licensed Massage Therapist

“In my massage practice I draw my knowledge and experience together with patience, presence, and intuition to work with the body to offer relief and the possibility for change. I like to life in that spot where technique meets magic. I am fluent in many styles but gravitate towards connective tissue therapy and myofascial release, using slow, melty strokes and very specific work to get deep, gently, and without pain.

… And in my spare time I play music, make art, and have as many nature adventures as possible”.

Caitlyn Vinci

Thai Massage Practitioner | Licensed Massage Therapist | Musician

Caitlyn Vinci discovered her passion and talent for bodywork when she studied at the Florida School of Massage. She graduated with a certification in Thai Massage, continues to study at The Shala (local Thai massage school), and has had a practice rooted in the Gainesville community since 2015. Blending Ayurvedic principles, Polarity, Relaxation, Connective tissue and Neuro-Muscular therapies, she takes an integrative approach to bodywork using many different styles and modalities to meet each of her clients specific needs. Caitlyn has provided therapy at various events and locations over the years. She has now proudly grounded her practice at The House of Yin, currently providing Table massage, Thai massage, Hot Stone massage, and Therapeutic Cupping services.
When Caitlyn is not working with her clients she is working on her other projects and endeavors. Her love for music and self expression has led her to play with various local bands in town (including her top priority band (V)owls), while also producing her own solo music. Every year, since 2017, she has volunteered teaching with the Gainesville Girls Rock Camp, a youth empowerment program that teaches young adults how to play instruments and express themselves. She has also co-founded and run the self-care retreat Movement, Sound, Silence, furthering her dedication to sharing the tools of wellness and self-love. 
Besides therapy at The House of Yin, Caitlyn also offers music lessons for adults and children, guided meditation sessions, and private Thai massage Lessons. 

Caitlyn’s contact info:
(386) 365-3454

“The oneness of life is a truth that can only be fully realized, when all false notions of the separate self, whose destiny can be considered apart from the whole, are forever annihilated.” -Bruce Lee

Natalie Nix

Licensed Massage Therapist | Yoga Instructor

Through her work, Natalie primarily hopes to create an introspective space where individuals can anchor to the present and find an ease of breath, mind, and body. With a background in kinesiology, her classes have a strong focus on engagement and alignment that best suits each individual; she believes these components lay the groundwork towards cultivating and deepening a safe and sustainable asana practice.

Natalie has always led an active lifestyle and she is completely captivated by the beauty, complexity and intelligence of the human form. She came to yoga through the rock climbing community in her early 20s, and as a former gymnast she felt an immediate connection to the familiarity of the movements of the physical practice. Many of the poses felt natural and perfectly complemented the movements of climbing, and she initially felt at ease with the routine-like structure of an Ashtanga-based sequence. Over time she became just as fascinated by yoga history and philosophy, the grounding effects that yoga has on the mind, and the mind-body connection that practicing yoga facilitates.

Over the years Natalie has had the honor of studying locally with Melissa Montilla at Sanctuary Yoga, and with Maty Ezraty through Yoga Works. She’s inspired by both these teachers, and regularly incorporates their teachings into her classes.

Natalie is a practicing Massage Therapist and graduate from the Florida School of Massage, where she now teaches Sports Massage in the main Massage and Hydrotherapy Program, and holds a degree in English with a concentration in Film and Media Studies from the University of Florida. She has a handful of incomplete
experimental films that she procrastinates finishing by reading, writing, dabbling in 35mm photography, sipping on a good cup of joe or well-balanced libation, climbing, surfing, and traveling to new and familiar places – especially those that include salt water or natural springs. Natalie is a dog-lover, a water baby, an Aries, and an INFJ.

For more on her work, visit her site at www.natalienix.com/

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